Amazing Product – Real Testimonials 2022

Patricia M, NJ United States

I love this product I have ordered it for the second time because this stuff works for my acne, that’s why I bought it. I find this works best WITHOUT any other products on top of it. I used to use 3 drops at a time, but now I’m down to 2 drops each time. Highly recommend it and will purchase it again when I’m done.

Sue H, Adelaide Australia

Love love love it! My skin has never been clearer. I don’t know how I lived without it ! 😍

Helen R, TX United States

This serum I love SO much. The only reason “I can’t wait to use it up” is because each day it makes my skin brighter, more radiant, fades my red acne marks, suppresses my sun spots, and makes my skin look healthier! This will definitely be an item I purchase again and again in the years to come.

Pauline D, Ottawa Canada

I’m already on my second bottle of EELHOE. It honestly does what it says – my skin has a nice glow after application, and with consistent use, this serum has helped combat some of my red marks and breakouts.

Angela N, Hamburg Germany

I started using this serum about 6 months ago. Immediately I saw my breakouts calmed down and started healing quickly. I wowed and kept using it at least once a day. After a month or so I noticed getting much less breakouts and not having big painful cystic ones. In the mornings when I wake up my skin is always balanced and bright and I enjoy it so much!

Linda W, CA United States

Started using this when pregnant 2 yrs ago and have been using it ever since. Love this face serum. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and bright. Amazing!

Nicola W, Naples Italy

It’s actually really good, I just put it on after I shower so my face is still kinda wet and it feels smooth and good.

Amelia G, York United Kingdom

Have been using this for a month now and just love it. I have super sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate at all. My haggard skin from breastfeeding is a lot less dry and it seems to have calmed my recent break out. Highly recommend!

Sophia H, Lyon France

Incredible!! An essential in my routine and couldn’t be without it now.

Emily A, Dublin Ireland

My skin is definitely feeling brighter since I started using this product about 6 weeks ago. Using 3 drops of an evening gives me the perfect feel, consistency is great and feels so nice on your skin! Love everything about this product!

Barbara P, Auckland New Zealand

I came across this serum through an FB ad and I have been deeply considering it but did not make the purchase until they offered a discount during the Easter. I decided to take the plunge and give it a try after reading so many positive reviews. I’m glad I did!! I have oily combination skin with uneven skin tone and occasional break outs. I use this serum only once a day in the PM. After using this serum, I noticed that my face has a healthy glow, more even skin tone and also my breakouts heal much faster. I know that I’m unto a winner and it will continue to be a staple in my skincare routine!! Thumbs up to Peppy Max for supplying this wonderful serum and thanks a lot!! 🙂

Jennifer D, FL United States

My MOST fave product. My skin feels so much silkier and smooth when I’m using this product. Lasts ages and great value for money.


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